Shall We Be Enjoying Depression?

Shall we be enjoying our Depression? Will we want to leave it? Will we actually want to feel Happiness? I believe everybody is enjoying their depressive condition.

I frequently wondered that whenever we’re feeling sad or depressed and someone teaches us to remain happy, we immediately reject his suggestion. We strongly think that how could anybody understand our condition of mind and feelings: Just how much we are dealing with, the number of worries we’ve, the number of pains we are dealing with, just how much individuals have hurt us, and so forth. And without comprehending the depth of a lot of issues and problems, just how can anybody even dare to advice. Keeping these ideas in your mind, rather of hearing someone who would like to allow us to, we turn a deliberate deaf ear to that particular person.

When one is within the condition of depression because of whatever reason(s), his condition is much like pool of still water. When any suggestion is offered to that particular person, it is just like tossing a pebble within the still water also it creates disturbance. People don’t enjoy it whatsoever. Progressively an individual begins to find a lot security in his depressive condition of mind he starts enjoying that condition of mind. He fears when he becomes normal and stays happy then nobody pays his manual intervention. A depressive person enjoys gaining attention and sympathy of others and also the will is really strong he would battle to your tooth and nail to stay in that illusive atmosphere. He’d give a lot of excuses because of not doing anything positive in existence and surprisingly attempt to convince his preacher why his condition can’t be and cannot be altered.

We love this condition in the own way: crying, considering negativity, more considering past especially talking about ill conditions and hurt feeling that somebody may have given and so forth constantly. This will cause insomnia, anxiety, over-eating, body aches and physical pains, fear of meeting people, escaping . within the light, emotional convergence and eventually multiple physical & mental disorders and illnesses. We continue our belief and self convinced believed that nobody understand us and merely block everything without understanding that this condition of mind isn’t just killing us or progressively passing the doses to individuals around us too. This can be a very harmful phenomenon. It may eat away entire family.

Getting understood this, I believe now the years have arrived at awaken. We have to identify and recognize such those who are inside a condition of depression. They don’t know what exactly are they dealing with and urgently need assistance. We have to extend this assistance to the utmost possible. In my opinion if within our existence time, we could take even one individual using this deadly condition of depression and provide back his smiles to him, it will likely be just like a existence time achievement. When we sense that body else isn’t feeling emotionally well and could not accept take our help, but we still need to help him within our own ways by providing some time and discussing his problems after which making them realize his condition of mind. Tell the side effects of depression, guide them right through to channelise their energy into positivity and creation, drive them from their clutter and demonstrate to them the special moment of simplicity, involve them into variations of art, pay attention to soothing tunes of music, drive them nearer to nature and educate these to relax and relish the rhythm that belongs to them breadth. It’ll do wonders.

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